Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Everything Else

The final image we used for our project, the buildings all became individual slices linking to various different pages.

The home button that became a vital fixture of our site. I don't know why I put this here.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Barbican Round One...

The aim of our website will be to offer a virtual, interactive tour of the Barbican area, specifically the sea and shop fronts. These are some shots from our first session of filming and photographing.

Front of the market, tour could feature internal areas, shop profiles, consumer interviews? Etc.

Possible homepage photograph, shows wide-open space and a local business. Would be an easy starting point as, in reality, this location is easy to find.

Wider shot of the bay area. Could be used in fireworks, individual building could become interactive profiles of the businesses that occupy them, for instance, highlighting the Three Crows with the cursor would cause information to appear alongside it.

Long shot of the Aquarium, could be used similarly to above photo.

Front shot of the navy, could again be exploited with Fireworks, each of the boards in front of the building could link to a different local shop. Or images to other storefronts, such as these:

- Fin.

Fireworks Tutorial (inc. Screenshots)

Notes from Andy's Fireworks tutorial, possible usages in final production.
Slices, each slice is operated using the swap image feature of the program. Using a hotspot, all the slices can be operated simultaneously.

Master page in website draft.

Glorious file indexing from desktop.

Slice and hotspot diagram, in action.